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Our Corporate Social Responsibility

With the global challenge of rising populations and increasing pressure from climate change, developing sustainable production techniques that can produce more food using less land becomes ever more important. However, higher yields sustainably delivered are not within themselves the whole picture. 

Good environmental stewardship

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) embraces good environmental stewardship, but also covers all aspects of business activity, technical competence, staff competence and professionalism, and community engagement.

By using the ISO 26000 guidance document to shape our approach to CSR, we recognise that all elements within the business mix have a role in developing a socially responsible approach to all of our activities.

Archie Gibson, Executive Director of Agrico UK

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Our organisational governance

Agrico UK has undertaken a process of self-assessment under the guidance of the ISO 26000 international standard.

Agrico UK Ltd has now integrated the ISO 26000 guidance into its working practices and has used the guidance standard as a framework within which to identify areas of improvement under the three pillars of social responsibility:

  • the environment,
  • the economy,
  • and society.

The self-assessment and self-declaration process will be conducted annually. The self-assessment was conducted under the seven principles of social responsibility, which form the core subject of Organisational Governance and the additional six core subjects of social responsibility: Human Rights, Labour Practices, The Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, Community Involvement and Development.

Storage and grading seed potatoes

Invest in people

To demonstrate our commitment to the principles of sound organisational governance, Agrico UK Ltd first enrolled with Investors in People (Remarkable) in 2012. An independent leadership and organisational body dedicated to raising standards within business by supporting, improving and developing leadership within the workforce. Agrico UK attained the Silver accreditation.  

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Protect the environment

As a business Agrico endeavour to protect the environment and avoid/prevent unnecessary pollution.

Better quality light has improved the working environment for staff and reduced energy bills. These improvements followed on from an investment in three 11 kWh wind turbines.

Agrico have been awarded the feed stock supply contract to provide Celtic Renewables with co product for the manufacture of Biobutanol, Acetone and Ethanol. 

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Fair operating practice

The business places considerable importance on Integrity as a Key Core Value underpinning our approach to Fair Operating Practice. Consistent with UK (Scots) and International law an annual audit is undertaken by Accountants Finlayson’s based in Perth.   

Responsible political involvement has in recent years included the ED fulfilling the role as one of 4 Agricultural Champions apolitically advising the Scottish Government on the future of agricultural strategy for Scotland.

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Respect human rights

Agrico UK respect human rights, exercise due diligence, and do not export to countries with a poor human rights record.

Agrico UK adhere to and support the principles of the Human Rights Act 1998 and support the principles of a range of UK equality and labour laws.


Focus ons customers and consumers

Through membership of the Food & Drink Federation of Scotland (FDF S) Agrico follows and contributes to the drafting of primary legislation promoting healthy diets and lifestyles to consumers.

Fair marketing practice will continue to include undertaking consumer insight surveys and taste panel research, to promote responsible consumption.

We operate an established complaint handling process whereby all seed consignments coming under complaint are inspected registered in our ERP System and resolved equitably.

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Community involvement & development

Our Tattie Tastic Schools project with Glamis and Eassie Primary Schools are ongoing and aim to educate and spread awareness of where food comes from and what sustainable consumption looks like. It also serves to introduce young people to future career choices.

At a community level we also engage with the local authority (Angus Council) and have a good relationship with Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce.

Members of staffs fulfil a number of voluntary roles with Dundee and Angus College.