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Very low outgrades
“As seed growers Arsenal gives us consistently good tuber numbers and yield with very low out grades, and we are acutely aware of the benefits of the resistance and tolerance.” 
   - Peter Shiells, Mertoun Estate Farms Ltd, Scottish Borders

Significant key benefits
“Arsenal has been a mainstay of the UK crisping sector for many years. At Spearhead Marketing Ltd. we continue to grow Arsenal for our key customers, having delivered in excess of 10,000 tonnes of the variety annually over the last 5 years. Arsenal provides significant key benefits for our growers, not least a consistent yield, but also industry leading resistance and tolerance to G. pallida nematodes.”
   – Darren Mackie, Director, Greenseed Ltd & Spearhead Marketing Ltd.

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A straightforward variety to grow
“Manitou has been a stalwart in the Lour portfolio since its introduction ten years ago. A straightforward variety to grow, Manitou consistently produces good yields of tubers with excellent skin finish whatever the season. Also, as a seed grower the ease of marketing Manitou tops is a significant plus for the variety.” 
   – Mike Cumming, Lour Farms, Angus 

Well received by our pre-pack customers
"We’ve been growing Manitou at AKP since 2014, and it now forms a major part of our cropping. Consistently producing good yields, we grow this variety both with and without irrigation. We market Manitou from October right through until July and it is always well received by our pre-pack customers.”

   – Tom Pocklington, Crops Manager, AKP



Consistently produces good yields
We’ve grown Picasso for many years in Morayshire and it consistently produces good yields, skin finish and tuber numbers. As it can be exported or sold within the UK, this gives us flexibility with grading.”
   – Ilene Taylor, Wellhill Farm, Moray

Incredibly versatile in the kitchen
"Picasso is High Tree Packers core export variety for the Canary Islands and has been for many years. It yields consistently on a wide range of soil type, looks great and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen"
   – John Stevenson, Managing Director, High Tree Packers Ltd

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“At A D Brain & Son Markies has commanded a good percentage of our overall seed area for a number of years now. This is driven by its good variety characteristics. Its virus resistance, stable storage and consistent tuber numbers combined with saleable yields to name a few. Together with our great working relationship with Agrico UK to sell our Markies seed to its multi sector markets, makes total sense for our business.”
   – Jason Brain, A D Brain & Son, Cotswolds, England

"Markies at P J Lee & Sons Ltd have the lion’s share of the potato variety portfolio at around 75%. The estate grows in excess of 35,000t on fenland irrigated soils. Markies offer good yields, excellent frying ability, strong storage characteristics, and a above all a versatile potato that can go crisping/chipping or packing depending on the day. Agrico are our leading seed solutions Partner."
   – Christopher Lee, P J Lee & Sons Ltd

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Agrico goes beyond just supplying high-quality seed and ware potatoes. We are involved with our customers and provide comprehensive advice in several areas. We have innovative varieties, make use of independent certification, have extensive quality assurance, actively respond to knowledge sharing, are committed to fast and reliable delivery, and have a worldwide network.

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