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Agrico Bioselect UK

Bioselect UK is an Agrico brand that brings innovative and sustainable potato varieties to the UK organic market. 

Through our breeding and research company 'Agrico Research BV' we make continuous efforts to develop new varieties that are healthier and stronger to meet the needs of growers, consumers and the potato industry.

Bioselect UK offers:

  • Agronomic support to organic seed potato growers
  • Production of high grade input seed of all organic varieties for best results
  • Breeding new blight resistant varieties to help bring more reliability into organic potato production
  • Continuous trials work to introduce new varieties
  • Commitment to our customers, to support them in profitable potato production
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Our organic varieties include...

Alouette is an maincrop, versatile red skin ware variety with late blight resistance in foliage and tuber, suitable for conventional and organic production.

Athlete is an early salad variety with strong blight resistance, good tuber numbers and excellent eating qualities.

Beyonce is an maincrop crisping variety with a good dry matter content, suitable for long term storage and late blight resistance for foliage and tuber.

Carolus is an early maincrop, multipurpose ware variety with attractive red eyes and Late Blight resistance in Foliage and Tuber.

Jacky is a high yielding, early salad variety with very high tuber numbers. Excellent taste and resistance to Foliage and Tuber Blight.

Levante is a maincrop variety for the table market with good Blight resistance.

Marfona is a fresh table variety with a yellow skin and light yellow flesh.

Twinner is an early table variety with excellent Foliage and Tuber Blight resistance.

Twister is a table variety with excellent Foliage and Tuber Blight resistance.


For our Soil Association Certificate, or Soil Association Trading Schedule, please click on the relevant link below:

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