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The highest quality seed potatoes

Our aim is to deliver seed potatoes of the highest quality to our customers in a reliable and sustainable manner. But our contribution goes beyond just supplying high quality seed potatoes.

As part of a cooperative, commitment to our customers and shared responsibility for good growth results underpin our approach to work. Not only at the time of delivery, but also afterwards we are happy to provide extensive advice on the correct method of cultivation and IPM, harvesting, storage and logistics. Cooperation leads to the best solutions.

Of course, quality also means that our seed potatoes are optimally geared to the local conditions in the UK. Selection, further development and monitoring are essential to deliver the best possible results. And, of course, expertise from supply chain partners.

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Specialist developer and supplier

Agrico UK is a specialist developer and supplier of high grade seed potatoes, covering standard and organic production.

Agrico varieties are selected to cater for the domestic consumer preference and that grow well in UK climate. PCN resistance, longer storage capacity, increasing yields and the right shape and taste are challenges that are foremost in our thoughts.

By working closely with a carefully selected team of growers on a technical level, we multiply the selected varieties up to sell seed potatoes commercially to customers in the table, chipping, crisping and processing industries.

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Listening to our customers and growers, being honest, accessible, friendly and visible is a matter of course for Agrico UK. Our passionate service and after sales ensure that our customers' expectations are fulfilled.

The Agrico advantage

We are committed to working with our customers and growers to ensure they are completely satisfied with the products and service they receive. We strive to be accountable for our actions and conduct ourselves in an honest and professional way to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

Research for new innovative varieties
Innovative varieties

At Agrico, we are committed to, and invest in, knowledge and research. This has enabled us to cultivate a wide range of unique potato varieties that display effective resistance, strong variety characteristics and a high yield. In our greenhouse complex we also carry out extensive research into irrigation techniques, and we mimic day and night conditions and different climates. Thanks to these innovations, we’re growing even better varieties for the future. 

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Independent certification

All Agrico UK crops are independently inspected and certified. We work in partnership with SASA, APHA, DAERA & DAFM Ireland to ensure our crops are grown following the necessary protocols and meet the required market standards. 

Certification demonstrates that our seed potatoes are healthy and meet the high standards critical to the Seed Potato Sector. 


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Quality assurance

In addition to Seed Potato Classification Scheme (SPCS) requirements, our production team are committed to further quality assurance. We conduct growing crop visits, yield digs, post-harvest store sampling and hot box testing to gain a complete understanding of our crops. Underpinned by our skin finish scoring system, helping identify market and seed suitability. Furthermore, Agrico UK are Safe Haven accredited. 


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Active knowledge-sharing

At Agrico, we are keen to share our experience, insights and knowledge with our growers and customers. We are also very interested in hearing about your experiences, insights, knowledge and preferences. We believe that active knowledge sharing contributes directly to the improvement, strengthening and sustainability of global potato value chains. We see the whole world as our field. Because our organisation is established within an extensive and close-knit network, we can connect with you just about anywhere. 

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Rapid, reliable delivery

Agrico can take care of your logistics requirements from grower to customer. Using a UK wide network of experienced hauliers, we strive to meet customers’ requirements in a timely and effective manner. 

Voice of the industry

We act as ambassadors for the potato industry with a natural commitment to UK seed production. A number of Agrico UK employees sit on the boards and committees of various national organisations (BPTA, James Hutton Institute, Pre-Basic Growers Association, Food and Drink Federation) that help guide and influence the UK potato industry.

Research & development

Agrico Research works intensively on developing new, innovative potato varieties and is the leading knowledge institute in this field. We work on various breeding objectives aimed at developing varieties to meet the specific wishes of growers, the processing industry and consumer demand, both now and in the future, and around the world. 

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Agrico UK goes beyond just supplying high quality seed potatoes

By working with our customers, grower base and our sister company Agrico Research we produce a range of innovative varieties for both now and the future. All our seed crops are inspected by independent certification bodies, and we are constantly monitoring our crops to ensure a high standard of product. By sharing knowledge gathered from around the world we can give you the best prospect of maximising the potential of your potato crop.  

If you have a specific question or would like to know what Agrico can do for you, please feel free to contact us. 

Adam Young

Sales & Production Manager