WPC 2022

Agrico UK

WPC 2022

World Potato Congress 2022

Agrico UK were present at the 11th World Potato Congress held in Dublin from 30th May – 2nd June. The event brought together growers, breeders, politicians, policymakers, and marketeers from across the globe. Themes of the conference included health and nutrition, development, and sustainability. All of which can be aided by the evolution of potato breeding.

The Agrico team benefitted from being able to meet face to face with colleagues and likeminded industry professionals from around the world for the first time in three years, further developing relationships with both Irish customers and growers some of whom already enjoy the benefits of Agrico varieties.

The week ended with technical tours and an Irish Growers Day held at Country Crest Farm, with circa one thousand attendees. Grown in a purpose built polytunnel the Agrico plot displayed eleven varieties, including six of our Next Generation, unique, late blight resistant portfolio. This allowed us the opportunity to engage in many positive discussions regarding new varieties and the benefits of the Next Generation breeding program for the Irish growers.

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