Picasso is a maincrop ware variety with a yellow skin, prominent red eyes, good common scab resistance and suitable for long term storage.

It produces lots of big, uniform tubers that are oval with shallow eyes. It has a light yellow flesh colour, and the cooking type is rather floury with a moderate dry matter. Picasso is suitable for cultivation at all soil types. It is a strong and vigorous plant, able to withstand changeable and hot weather conditions. 

  • Market outlet: table & export
  • Good heat/drought tolerance suitable for the export market
  • High yielding
  • Resistant to bruising and damage
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What our customers say

Consistently produces good yields
We’ve grown Picasso for many years in Morayshire and it consistently produces good yields, skin finish and tuber numbers. As it can be exported or sold within the UK, this gives us flexibility with grading.”
   – Ilene Taylor, Wellhill Farm, Moray

Incredibly versatile in the kitchen
"Picasso is High Tree Packers core export variety for the Canary Islands and has been for many years. It yields consistently on a wide range of soil type, looks great and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen"
   – John Stevenson, Managing Director, High Tree Packers Ltd

Suggested fertiliser treatment
Nitrogen: standard advice + 5%.
Potassium: standard advice.
Phosphate: standard advice.

Plant spacing
28/35mm: 27cm (50,000 plants/ha).
35/55mm: 33cm (40,000 plants/ha).

Herbicide sensitivity
Use of Metribuzin (Sencorex) can give some discolouration of the foliage and yield reduction.

A strict preventative spraying schedule against late blight is necessary, as Picasso is susceptible.

Picasso has a very long dormancy and is suitable for long term storage at 4°C.

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